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Timesheets for Microsoft Project

Where Microsoft Project is used in a multi project environment, there is often a requirement to collect details of how much effort is expended by the people that are working on the tasks. Without this feedback, it is not easy to measure project performance or to track progress.

A separate web based timesheet system is a simple way of gathering timesheets data for Microsoft Project. It is particularly sensible where time also needs to be booked to categories other than Microsoft Project tasks, such as business as usual (BAU) or operational tasks, which do not originate from Microsoft Project.

Innate Timesheets for MS Project

For more complex plans, Innate enables work to be planned in Microsoft Project, whilst for simpler work Innate’s web based spreadsheet is suitable. Overhead codes, such as holidays, sickness and training are more appropriately managed within Innate, but need to be included if a complete picture is required.

Innate provides a sophisticated two way data exchange between its timesheets system and Microsoft Project. Easily managed mapping tables define which Microsoft Project fields are to be mapped into the Innate database. The capabilities include:

  • New project plans require a one time import, which can be automated, After this, the Innate database is updated routinely with changes in the Microsoft Project data. This includes flagging tasks that have been deleted in the plan, so that no more time can be booked to them.
  • Innate imports the complete work breakdown structure (WBS), and can be configured to capture time at any level in the WBS.
    Where individual assignments are in the plan, appropriate entries appear on each person’s timesheet, when work is expected to be undertaken.
  • Innate Timesheets for Microsoft Project can capture the estimates of remaining work, as well as the daily actual work amounts. This data is accessible for reporting, but can also be copied back to Microsoft Project, either interactively by the project manager, or as a batch process.
  • Within Microsoft Project, the daily actual work is updated, as is the remaining work field if collected. This can lead to the work content of the assignment being recalculated and key dates updated to give early warning of likely overruns.

This capability provides effective project tracking across multiple Microsoft Project plans, without the need to look at Project Server. Innate Timesheets for Microsoft Project gives effective project tracking.

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