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Resource planning & estimating

Effective resource planning and estimation are essential components of project management. Innate's resource planning interface streamlines this process by providing efficiency and accuracy. It promptly displays resource capacity and highlights potential bottlenecks, ensuring that project managers can make informed decisions.

Tailored Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and project templates offer a structured foundation for estimating, enabling workload realignment when necessary.


Work Breakdown Structures (WBS):

The WBS is instrumental in breaking down complex projects into manageable segments. It allows project managers to visualize the project's scope and structure, facilitating effective planning and resource allocation.


Accurate estimation is crucial for project success. Innate's interface allows for seamless input of time-phased estimates through various methods, including manual input and drag-and-drop functionality. This ensures that project managers have a clear understanding of resource requirements and can allocate resources accordingly.


Milestones are key deliverables that mark significant stages in a project's timeline. Innate provides milestone reports that offer a comprehensive overview of key delivery dates, enabling project managers to track progress and ensure timely completion of tasks.

Utilising spreadsheets

While spreadsheets are commonly used for resource management, they become cumbersome and error-prone as projects grow in size and complexity. Innate offers a seamless transition from spreadsheets to its robust, multi-user system, providing a more efficient and reliable solution for resource planning.

Resource demand vs capacity

Balancing resource demand with available capacity is a constant challenge for project managers. Innate's interface allows project managers to identify resource bottlenecks and make adjustments to ensure that project deadlines are met without overloading resources.

Project Demand Management

Managing resource demand across multiple projects requires careful planning and coordination. Innate's interactive views facilitate assessing the impact of increased resource demand on project timelines, enabling project managers to make informed decisions and prioritise tasks accordingly.

Capacity Planning

Maintaining an optimal mix of skills and resources is essential for project success. Innate provides tools for 
capacity planning, allowing project managers to anticipate changes in resource requirements and adjust staffing levels accordingly.

Resource allocation

Once the project plan is approved, resource allocation can begin.

Innate allows project managers to specify skills and competency levels required for each task, ensuring that the right resources are assigned to the right projects at the right time.


Different Resource Allocation Processes:

Highlighting Overloads:

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