Innate’s timesheets accurately record your staff’s time allocation, providing invaluable insights for project and professional services firms.

Beyond mere time tracking, our solution offers:

Measuring project

Combining timesheet data with budget and plan figures enables precise project performance measurement. Early detection of underperformance allows for timely corrective actions. Innate timesheets facilitate the review of standard project metrics for future estimations.

Billable Work:

Distinguishing between billable and non-billable hours, our system applies both cost and billable rates to assess project profitability and support invoicing processes.

Staff Utilisation and Productivity:

We gauge actual utilisation against targets and track achieved outputs alongside time spent. Operational tasks can be efficiently managed by recording the number of standard tasks performed using Innate Timesheets.

Timesheet Entry:

Users can conveniently input hours via a browser interface or our mobile app, ensuring flexibility and accessibility in time tracking.

Innate timesheets capabilities

Our solution offers seamless data exchange for exporting timesheet or cost/billable data into your finance system with robust data integrity controls. We tailor our system to align with your business processes, standards, and data requirements, offering comprehensive configuration options for large organisations.

Key features include:

Detailed approval workflows

With automatic email reminders for late timesheets.

Full audit trail of individual timesheets

For transparency and accountability.

Modular approach

Allowing customisation with options such as rates management and billing.

Easy installation

Configuration, and minimal administrative effort, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

User-friendly interface

To encourage widespread adoption and ease of use.

Leverage Innate timesheets software for efficient management of billable work and accurate project performance measurement.

With our solution, timesheet management becomes a hassle-free endeavour, empowering your organisation with actionable insights and streamlined processes.

Get up and running in
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Get up and running with Innate Resource Management in five easy steps Innate’s proven implementation methodology ensures a rapid and low-risk transition to powerful resource management.

Here’s how:

Project Management:

System Setup:

Comprehensive Training:

Customisable Reports:

Seamless Integration:

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