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Innate timesheets records how your staff are spending their time. Apart from simply collecting and analysing the time booked, we help project and professional services firms with:

  • Measuring Project performance – When combined with time-phased budget and current plan figures, timesheets data can be used to measure project performance. This gives early warning of poor performance in time for corrective action to take effect. Innate Timesheets also help to review standard project metrics for future estimates.

Simple project performance report

  • Billable work – We can distinguish between billable and non-billable hours. Both cost and billable rates can be applied to measure project profitability and for input to the Invoice system.
  • Staff utilisation – We measure actual utilisation and compare against targets.
  • Staff productivity – We can record achieved outputs as well as tracking the time spent. For operational tasks, the numbers of standard tasks performed can be recorded with the Timesheets Software.

Timesheet entry can be via the browser or as a mobile App:

Booking hours using the Innate timesheets mobile App


Innate Timesheets Capabilities

Innate provides comprehensive data exchange facilities for exporting timesheet or cost/billable data into your finance system, with the necessary data integrity controls.

We accommodate your business processes, standards and data requirements. There are comprehensive configuration options so large organizations can, for example, have different departmental timesheet layouts and apply business rules for different departments.

Approvers can check timesheets at the required levels of detail and late timesheets are chased with automatic emails. We provide:

  • A full audit trail of individual timesheets.
  • Time entry either as a mobile App or via the browser
  • A modular approach – select from timesheets, rates management, and billing.
  • The timesheets software is easy to install and configure and needs little administrative effort.
  • Rapid Return on Investment. Innate Timesheets is realistically priced and can be rapidly deployed with minimal training and support.
  • Timesheets are easy to use – to encourage their use!

Use Innate Timesheets software for billable work and project performance measurement. Timesheets should be easy; with Innate they are.


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