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Resource Management Software

Managing multiple projects with a limited pool of resources can be a roller coaster ride! How to keep your skills capacity in balance with the demand when projects don’t go according to plan, or new ones arrive unexpectedly?

Sufficient skills must be available to meet each project’s commitments and avoid client disappointment. But having staff sitting on the bench just in case, damages productivity and can dramatically erode profits.

Innate’s resource management software helps you to maintain the right balance. We highlight bottlenecks and spare capacity in all corners of your organisation, and give you the ‘What if…’ tools to find the best way forward.

How can I see the skills capacity to take on new work?

New project plans are layered on top of the current commitments to immediately identify any bottlenecks. Innate’s resource management software captures business as usual and departmental plans alongside the project work, for a complete picture of the resource demand.

Longer term forecasting shows the trends in skills demand, helping you to correctly focus recruitment and retraining programs.


Report shows demand across departments. Red amber green heat map highlights bottlenecks (red) and areas of underuse (green). Click on each department link to see down the Organisation structure.

How can I re-balance the workload?

When high priority requests for resource cannot be fulfilled, you can use ‘What If…’ scenarios to re-balance the workload.  Lower priority work can be dragged out in time until the required skills are freed up – a useful tool for the demand management meeting!

Once re-balancing of the workload is agreed, the live data can be updated to reflect the agreed changes. Take a look at the Dynamic Resource Management video to see how this works in practice.

Innate resource management software also has ‘What if…’ scenarios to show the resource impacts of potential projects going ahead:


See the resourcing impact of potential projects being awarded.

When applied to individual teams or skills, this report shows the profile of each skills shortfall, giving greater confidence when making staff or contractor hire decisions.

Resource planning

Innate’s web based resource planning views have a similar look and feel to Excel, but with additional functionality that shows the real time resource impact as work profiles and dates change.


Resource planning view shows skill bottlenecks. You can toggle to a gantt view and drag bars to see the earliest date that avoids them.

Project templates within the resource management software, with typical work profiles pre-loaded, are a good starting point. Alternatively, simply enter the total hours for the row, start and finish dates and select a distribution profile. It’s a good way of showing front or back loaded demand. You can edit individual cells, cut and paste, drag and drop etc, to develop the plan.

For complex projects, or views across a portfolio, a work breakdown structure can easily be defined, with the ability to expand and close detail at any level, on any leg.

How can I locate and assign suitable resources?

Whatever your resource allocation process, it is important that project and resource managers work together if individual projects are not to suffer. Innate supports a wide range of processes across different organisational structures. Once the business rules are understood, the system can be configured to achieve the required collaboration.

With the resource management software, you can track the status of each assignment through your allocation process. Typical steps are:

  • A generic skill or role is requested.
  • A suitable candidate is identified and proposed.
  • The candidate is accepted or rejected by the project manager.
  • A resource is eventually confirmed.

Resource requesters can specify their required competencies for each assignment, and easily compare the suitability of proposed candidates. Provisional bookings can be made to reserve required resources.

In volatile environments, where dates and assignments can easily change, Innate’s tracking reports give the required visibility. Each manager can see who changed what, by how much and when, on their projects and resources.

Innate’s resource management software supports project and resource managers, each step of the way.

Timesheets for project tracking and staff utilisation

Timesheets provide an easy way to compare actual performance against the target. For resource utilisation measurement, a simple comparison of planned vs actual hours will highlight under performing teams.

For project tracking, comparing timesheets with planned work and budget baselines will  provide meaningful performance measurement. The building blocks for Earned Value measurement are also provided. Such early warning of poor performance gives time for corrective action to be taken.

We can routinely import data from your timesheet system, or you can use Innate’s timesheet module.


Report compares timesheet actuals to date plus forecast (the current plan) with the budget.
582 hours are expected compared with a budget of only 518!

Cost and billing rates for cost and income projection

Sets of cost and billing rate tables convert work into money, so that the financial performance of the resources on each project can be measured and tracked. Rates can be applied to individual resources, or their grade or role.

Deploy well-structured management reports

Innate’s resource management software has a comprehensive report editor that enables the required range of reports to be designed and deployed. Each person sees just the information that they need.

Manage data exchange with other systems

Innate’s software sits effectively alongside other key systems and comprehensive data exchange facilities can keep them all in sync. You can also import data from project scheduling systems such as Microsoft Project, if required.

Our software gives managers common visibility of staffing issues across the portfolio, and helps them to collaborate effectively in delivering the best results for your business.

Why Innate for Resource Management Software?

  • A complete, modular resource management solution from a well established UK based software author.
  • Hosted in the cloud or in house.
  • Flexibility – all the options to support your own process, standards and data requirements.
  • Value for money – competitively priced product and low implementation costs provide a rapid payback.
  • A quick, low risk implementation that gets you up and running fast.
  • 70 plus clients across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia, many of them reference sites.
  • A no obligation Proof of Concept workshop minimizes the risks – for both parties.

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