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Resource Demand Management

Managing multiple projects and services assignments with a limited pool of resources can be a constant challenge. No sooner have you got the resource demand nicely in balance with the skills capacity, when a project change creates a new shortfall.

Project managers will want to have sufficient spare resources to ensure that key project dates will be met. But resource managers, with challenging utilisation targets, will keep a close eye on any resources being kept for a just in case situation.

Innate’s resource management software helps by highlighting the resource bottlenecks, as each change in demand is recorded. This enables project managers to see straightaway when key dates are in jeopardy because of resource shortfalls.

How to re-balance the workload

If there is increased resource demand for a low priority project, it can hopefully be scheduled around periods of spare capacity. A high priority project, however, may need to take resource from lower priority work, unless additional contract or permanent staff can be hired. This is where ‘What If…’ scenarios step in, enabling you to see by how much the lower priority work needs to be delayed. Such re-balancing must minimise the impact on other projects’ commitments.

The video below shows the impact of the New Project arriving when Analysts are in overload. It answers the question  – By how much must it be delayed if the bottlenecks are to be manageable?

Video is best viewed by expanding to full screen, once started. If video is out of focus, use Settings cogwheel to set Quality to 1080HD which will be remembered

You can also use scenarios to see the resourcing implications of different combinations of potential projects. The chart below, when applied to each team or discipline, shows the extent to which bottlenecks will be introduced if combinations of bid for projects are successful. These profiles will give greater confidence when hiring decisions must be made.


Effectively managing resource demand ensures that commitments can be met and client satisfaction maintained. Innate resource management software supports the resource demand management process.

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