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Resource Management Reporting

Innate resource management software helps organizations to more effectively manage resources across projects and services. It provides capability to manage project plans, resources, time and project costing. All of this data is held in Innate’s SQL Server or Oracle database to simplify resource management reporting.

Innate provides on demand reports that access this data and present it in a variety of formats, to suit each viewer’s requirements. Information can be presented as tables or charts, including histograms, line graphs and pie charts.

The layout is controlled by simple criteria screens and can be easily created from base report layouts using the Innate reports editor.

The range of reports provided by Innate’s resource management software is described in the Introduction to Innate reports document.


video shows how Innate reports can navigate through your organization and work breakdown structures to identify the causes of bottlenecks and sources of underutilization.

Each User has a home page dashboard of their preferred reports, including Quick Action buttons. Dashboard reports contain links to forms and views to support each Role through their resource management process steps.

Are you managing projects and services, and reporting on resource, project, cost, time and expense data? Check out Innate’s flexible web based resource management reporting.

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