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Use of Spreadsheets

Using Excel spreadsheets to manage resources across the project and services workload is fine for small departments. However, for larger resource pools where several team leaders use their own spreadsheets, they can quickly multiply. Cobbling together multiple spreadsheets to get the big picture becomes onerous and the end result can lack credibility. Also, whenever there is a change to a project schedule, multiple spreadsheets need to be updated if the resource implications are to be fully understood.

Struggling with Spreadsheets?

Innate is the next logical step. With a web based spreadsheet style interface to a central database, it can rapidly convert your Excel spreadsheets into a robust, multi-user operational system. With a similar look and feel to Excel, Innate’s spreadsheet interface is specifically designed for resource planning. You can easily:
  • Plan new projects using project templates and see any bottlenecks as you put the plan together.
  • Create work profiles using standard curves, with drag & drop and copy & paste to finalise the estimate.
  • Adjust  the timescales and units of work displayed.
  • Summarise or drill down a work breakdown structure, to show work profiles at portfolio, project, or task level, for example.
  • Switch to a Gantt chart view so that chunks of work can easily moved in time to dynamically reduce resource bottlenecks.

See any bottlenecks as you put the plan together

The resource management system enables collaboration between project and resource managers with comprehensive permission settings. The impact of each change is seen by everyone who needs to know, yet ‘who can change what’ is easily controlled. Reports are produced on demand to reflect the latest updates to the data.

Can We Continue Using Spreadsheets?

Yes you can! There is an Innate paste routine that can easily be configured to match the layout of your resource planning spreadsheet. You then simply select the whole spreadsheet and copy, before pasting the contents into an empty Innate resource planning view.  Contact us for more details

As this example is pasted into Innate, the hours for each resource type are distributed between the start and finish dates to produce  time-phase work profiles.

Converting your spreadsheets into Innate will transform your resource management system:
  • The data becomes current, complete and consistent,
  • multi-user access can be controlled by workflow steps and
  • details of who changes what easily tracked.
The improved credibility of the data gives much greater confidence in the management information.

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