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Management Information

Innate’s creates and maintains data that relates to your projects, project plans, resources and project costs. It is held in the Innate SQL Server database

On demand reports present this data in a variety of formats to suit each viewer’s requirements. Information can be presented as tables and charts, including Area charts, line graphs, pie charts and target charts. Their layout and content is controlled by simple criteria screens that are easily created from a series of base report layouts, using the Innate reports editor.

The range of reports covers Target reports for senior managers, through to those required for support of Demand management, Resource allocation and the inevitable Re-planning. Examples of the two most popular layout types are shown below:

Target Charts

Target chart shows average utilisation level across departments, with individual circles showing for each Department

Area Charts

Forward loading chart that highlights periods of resource bottlenecks and underuse

Each user has a home page Dashboard of their preferred reports, including Quick Action buttons. Dashboard reports contain links to forms and views that support each Role through their resource management process steps.

Example of a project manager’s Home page. See video below for details

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