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Resource Management Videos

This collection of short videos show how Innate tools support the resource management process.  We help to optimise the management of multiple teams across many projects, where the focus is on maximising staff utilisation whilst ensuring that individual project commitments are realised.

Videos are best viewed by expanding to Full Screen once started. If video is out of focus, use Settings cogwheel to set Quality to 1080HD which will be remembered.

1     Resource planning

How project managers can prepare and maintain project work estimates using project templates. Skill and competency level requirements can be specified when requesting individuals.

2     Resource capacity management

Laying new project plans on top of the committed workload to check the skills capacity to take on new work. Positioning new projects, or re-planning lower priority ones, to balance the workload and maintain high level of resource utilisation. Also shows the resource impact of any required project re-planning.

3     Resource allocation

Locating suitably skilled staff and managing the resource allocation process. Enabling Team Leaders to identify and propose suitable candidates. Any non- compliance with requested skills and competency is highlighted, for project manager to confirm or reject proposed individuals.

4     Reports for senior managers

Examples of reports commonly used by senior managers to measure the effectiveness of the resource management process., from both project performance and resource utilisation perspectives.



Innate Timesheets

Entering and approving timesheets

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