Program resource management – resolving conflicting objectives

Program resource management is not for the faint hearted. Managing a portfolio of projects with a limited pool of resources can be a wild ride due to divergent, conflicting objectives.

Project managers ae charged with meeting their key project milestones and will demand adequate resources to ensure that every one can be achieved.

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Engineering resource management – keeping your teams fully utilized

As competitive pressures increase, engineering firms with a portfolio of projects need to do more with less. An obvious area to look at is the productivity levels being achieved by their project teams and this is where more effective engineering resource management can make a significant contribution.

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Run a virtual PMO with resource management software

We are implementing our resource management software for the IT department of a major UK based food processor. Although they have less than 50 staff, their projects are at multiple locations across the country, so much travelling is required. Projects are managed along matrix lines,

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Skills database – a foundation for consistent project success

A skills database is used to maintain details of each person’s skills, competencies and technical expertize. It is particularly useful in geographically dispersed project organizations, where locating suitably qualified staff can be far from straightforward. Managing a portfolio of projects with a limited pool of resources cam be a lively ride.

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Resource allocation software – matching staff with tasks

Successfully matching up staff with tasks is an important part of the multi-project resource management process. The overall goals are to maximise the utilization of each team, whilst ensuring that every project is properly resourced. If it goes wrong then either team usage levels can become too low because there is too much spare capacity,

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Building a business case for resource management software

There is a proliferation of project management tools out there and making a case for resource management software as a separate investment can look challenging. However, by focusing on the benefits of maximizing the utilization of your expensive skilled resources,

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Skills capacity planning as new projects arrive

Managing a portfolio of projects with a limited pool of resources is a rollercoaster ride. No sooner do you have the skills capacity nicely balanced with demand when a new project arrives, seeking resources that are already  fully-committed. Where the projects are for external clients,

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Effective collaboration between resource and project managers

Innate is currently implementing its resource management software with a major US based engineering services supplier. They have a wide range of engineering, environmental and construction projects, each of which require staff with particular combinations of skills and experience. Their President has challenged his resource managers to dramatically improve the project resourcing service that they provide to their project managers,

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Project Estimating – How to set realistic expectations on costs and timescales

Many projects fail to meet their expectations, not only when the deliverables are examined, but also in their costs and timescales. Too often the project estimate is wide of the mark because the project’s risks turn out to be greater than  expected.

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Team capacity planning – achieving high levels of utilisation

As new projects emerge, resources get allocated and project teams are formed. Often the source of these teams are departments that need to manage other tasks as well. For effective Team capacity planning,  each team must efficiently manage their incoming tasks.

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