You’ve just got your skills capacity nicely in balance with the demand when a new project arrives, creating unexpected bottlenecks.

Striking the right balance on resourcing levels is not easy. Whilst there must be sufficient spare resource to plug any gaps as they appear, too many just sitting on the bench will cause utilization levels to fall and operational profits evaporate.

As new project plans are approved, requests for resource must be satisfied in a timely manner. Whatever your resource allocation process, collaboration between project and resource managers must be effective, if individual projects are not to suffer.

With the project resourced and work underway, the prudent project manager will want early warning of cost or schedule overruns. Simply comparing the time spent with the approved plan isn’t really good enough; an assessment of what’s been achieved (the earned value) must also be made, if forecasting the remaining work is to be realistic.

And any change to a project plan can cause new resource bottlenecks!

If this scenario strikes a chord, then please read on. Innate has been helping project and services organizations get to grips with these resourcing issues for more than 20 years.

How we can help

Innate is a well-established resource management software author, with products that help to continuously optimize the utilization of your skilled resources. We are particularly effective if you are struggling with shared spreadsheets, to manage resource demand and allocation across the project portfolio.

Converting your resource planning spreadsheets into Innate will transform your system;

  • Project and resource data becomes consistent, current and complete.
  • Multi-user access with permissions and workflow control.
  • Traceability tracks who changed what, by how much and when.
  • Web based reports will substantially improve communication.

All the core resource management functions are provided:

  • Checking the skills capacity to take on new work and rebalancing the workload using 'what if...' scenarios.
  • Resource planning with Innate's web based spreadsheet, and MS Project if required.
  • Locating suitable staff and managing the resource allocation process.
  • Record (or import) how time is spent, for project tracking, metrics and staff utilization.
  • Project performance measurement, including Earned Value, if required.
  • Cost and rates management, to provide cost and income projections against project budgets.
  • Well-structured management information.
  • Managed data exchange with other systems, such as HR, ERP and Finance.

We are keen to understand each client’s issues and requirements up front. We offer to take on representative data and partially configure the system at no charge. This proof of concept exercise helps both parties understand how close the system can get to meeting each challenge.

We work with more than 70 active clients in Europe, North America and Asia, across several market sectors:

  • Engineering & construction services, such as Petrofac.
  • Internal departments, such as IT and R&D, within financial services, government, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and other sectors.
  • Professional services organizations, including market research and IT service providers.

Innate is a Microsoft Certified ISV/Software Solutions Partner and a member of the Oracle Partner Program, making reliable products to industry standards. The software is quick to implement, easy to deploy, has great flexibility and is competitively priced.

Please explore this site for more details of our products and services. We are happy to explore how we might help by email exchange (click the Contact Us tab), phone, or meetings - both face to face and on-line.

When changes in a project create resource bottlenecks, how can you re-schedule around 
committed dates, whilst maximizing the utilization of each team?


"Implementing Innate has dramatically improved the accuracy of resource utilization information, giving confidence with future project commitments and hiring programs, for 3,000 engineers." Steve Major, VP Eastern Operations, Petrofac
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