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Project Office Software

Most organisations that manage a significant number of projects require a project office. It typically takes responsibility for:

  • Resource management. To continuously optimise the utilisation of staff across the project workload.
  • Project governance. Establishing and policing the project authorization and management processes.
  • Production of management information. Ensuring that the source data is consistent and of sufficient quality for the reports to be credible.
  • Providing support and training to the project manager community. Helping the organisation develop the required project culture and reach required levels of maturity.

Organizational roles and responsibilities can be quite complex. In a matrix organization, effective collaboration between project and resource managers is essential for the successful outcome of individual projects.

Resource Management Software for the Project Office

Innate is most effective where the Project Office is struggling with spreadsheets and/or Microsoft Project. Typically, the organization’s maturity and culture fall somewhat short of what is required for the successful introduction of enterprise project management software, such as Project Server.

Innate is the logical next step, providing useful quick hits for the project office, such as:

  • Improving the quality and consistency of project data, by implementing plan templates for different types of projects.
  • Improved visibility of work commitments and resource availability to gain real-time views of capacity to take on new assignments.
  • Rebalancing workload dynamically to meet shifting priorities.
  • Automating the capture of billable staff time to eliminate delays to raising invoices, whilst reducing administrative overheads.

Project Collaboration, Agility & Maturity

However you are organized, Innate ensures effective collaboration between project, resource and other managers. As new work arrives, or priorities change, the impact on dates and resources is highlighted and different scenarios can easily be evaluated.

As the organization develops and information requirements change, Innate easily keeps in step. By improving visibility across the workload and communication between the stakeholders, and by responding to changes in your business environment, Innate promotes cultural change and organizational maturity.

The project office takes responsibility for the project authorization and management processes. Innate resource management software helps the project office to operate effectively.

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