Team capacity planning – achieving high levels of utilisation

As new projects emerge, resources get allocated and project teams are formed. Often the source of these teams are departments that need to manage other tasks as well. For effective Team capacity planning,  each team must efficiently manage their incoming tasks.

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Multi-project resource management – Do I need a central resource manager?

Senior managers in project-based organizations need to know their team’s current workload and the planned utilization of their staff. They also need to be sure that they have the capacity when committing to new project delivery dates. Suitable processes backed up with resource management software must be in place if acceptable multi-project resource management is to be achieved.

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Measuring project progress – maintaining a realistic baseline

No sooner is the new project plan signed off than something changes. A project plan is simply an estimate of the work required to achieve the project ‘s goals, spread over what is hoped to be a realistic timescale. Yet,

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Optimizing resource utilization – How Earned Value measurement helps.

Managing your multi-project workload with a limited pool of resources makes for an exciting ride. Whilst there must be sufficient spare resources on hand for emergencies, too many just sitting on the bench will quickly impact your utilization targets and can rapidly erode profitability.

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How to improve productivity in a multi-project environment

The need to improve the UK’s productivity post Brexit is back on the Agenda. David Smith, the respected Economics Editor of the Sunday Times has published a piece arguing that Improving productivity is essential to survival in a post-Brexit world.

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With post Brexit uncertainty delaying new projects, what is the best response?

As the dust temporarily settles on the Brexit referendum, uncertainty reigns. Although pro Brexiteers see only a silver lining and no sign of project fear’s downturn, many businesses remain wary and are reviewing their investment decisions. Should non-essential projects proceed as planned or be put on the back burner?

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Resource allocation in large organizations

Finding people with the right mix of skills and experience is crucial to each project’s success. Resource management tools enable project managers to define what they are looking for, but the differences in how businesses are organized have created a variety of resource allocation processes.

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Allocating resources across Business as Usual and projects

Most organizations have a mix of projects and business as usual work. But, whenever a major new project seeks to swallow all available resources, managers in charge of BAU work are vulnerable to having their resources stolen.

This arises because BAU work is often simply treated as overhead,

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Using spreadsheets for resource management

The temptation to ‘just use a spreadsheet’ to manage teams of skilled resources in a multi-project environment is very strong. Enterprise project management systems can be too cumbersome when trying to respond to resource bottlenecks in a volatile environment.


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Dynamic resource management. Avoiding resource bottlenecks whilst maximizing the utilization of each team.

In a volatile multi-project environment, effective resource management requires a balance to be struck between having sufficient spare resource to address unexpected fluctuations in demand, without too much time being spent on the bench.

The starting point is having sufficient faith in the forward loading information produced by your resource management software,

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