Manage your R&D funding more effectively

Whether you are a Catapult organisation, a University Research department, or a private R and D team, research into new products, technologies, and techniques often relies on external R&D funding. However, each funder will demand data that justifies their investment,

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Resource management in a Matrix organisation – How Workforce planning tools help

Businesses that manage multiple projects face two conflicting objectives:

  1. To keep their clients happy, they must ensure that each and every project gets delivered on time, within budget and to the required specification.
  2. For the operation to be profitable,

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Control your volatile multi-project workload with resource planning tools

managing a portfolio of projects with a limited pool of resources is no easy ride. Just when all looks to be in balance a project change comes along creating an unacceptable resource bottleneck. Having too few staff can jeopardize the committed dates and risk disappointing your clients,

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As Brexit damages business investment, resource planning tools can boost productivity levels

With senior UK government figures castigating businesses whenever they express legitimate concerns, a Brexit disaster seems headed our way. As the uncertain future erodes confidence, and levels of investment fall, what can UK businesses do to retain their competitiveness? One way for project-based ones is to focus on optimising the utilisation of their staff,

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The impact of GDPR on workforce planning software users and vendors

GDPR has finally arrived and many clients and suppliers, including providers of workforce planning software, are struggling to agree their responsibilities. The regulations cover such a wide range of organisations, from those that manage mass marketing campaigns through to ones that hold highly sensitive data,

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Skills database – Staffing your projects when skills and experience matter

Clients increasingly require that only suitably qualified staff are assigned to their projects. Advances in technology are rapidly increasing specialisation of the workforce and locating suitable staff requires more data on each person’s skills and experience. Just take a look at the range of Training and Certification options on the Cisco website to see the exponential growth in available options!

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Implementing resource management tools in multi-project organisations

Managing multiple projects with a limited pool of resources can be a wild ride. As soon as the project demand is in balance with the skills capacity, something changes; a new project arrives, there is a scope change, or the client postpones the next phase.

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Resource management software – the case for a best of breed solution

IT departments in large organisations are keen to minimise the number of system that they need to maintain. They have a strong incentive to go for ERP , enterprise project management (EPM) software  and other large corporate systems to avoid a multiplicity of best of breed systems.

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How top down planning boosts operational profits

The completion of a project should be a cause for celebration, but too often the outcome disappoints. Recent history is littered with projects that have overrun in cost and time and failed to meet expectations. The root cause is often that the project was not properly scoped,

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Workforce planning tools for Engineering services – How can they help?

Managing multiple projects with a limited pool of resources is challenging for many industry sectors. Workforce planning tools have a large role to play as organisations strive to optimise the utilisation of their staff, whilst ensuring that individual project commitments will be met.

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