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Who needs resource management and why?

Managing multiple projects with a limited pool of resources can be an exciting ride. No sooner do you have the demand nicely balanced with the skills capacity than a new project arrives, or a change occurs, creating new bottlenecks or periods of under-utilisation.

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How do you allocate resources for a project?

Ensuring that the right individuals are assigned to each project is crucial if success is to be consistently achieved. Allocating staff with the wrong skills and competencies is just too great a risk to take. So How do you allocate resources for a project?

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Resource optimization definition

The goal of Resource optimization is to continuously maximise the utilisation of your staff across the multi-project workload. The problems with accurately forecasting the effort required and likelihood of changes as the project develops, make this a difficult, ongoing challenge.

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How to manage resources across multiple projects

Why is managing resources across multiple projects important? Project organisations face two conflicting objectives, where the failure of either can have severe financial or reputational consequences. Mastering how to manage resources is important.

Clients require that phases of their projects are completed on time and within budget.

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What is Resource Management?

In today’s world the term resource management can cover the management of a wide variety of resources, ranging from physical resources such as gold and oil, and increasingly rare metals required for batteries and mobile phones, through computing capacity to human resources.

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Project resource management

Managing multiple projects with a limited pool of resources can be quite a challenge. No sooner do you have the demand nicely balanced with your skills capacity when a change occurs, causing resource bottlenecks or unacceptable levels of spare capacity.

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IT resource management

The challenges faced in managing a portfolio of IT projects with a limited pool of resources are wide ranging and can vary considerably. They can be difficult to classify, but one way is to distinguish between internal and external projects.

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Resource allocation methods in project management

To effectively managing resources across multiple projects, two key processes need to be in place. The first is demand and capacity management. This ensures that sufficient resources with the right skills and experience will be available so that each and every project commitment can be met.

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Capacity management best practice

Managing resources across multiple projects can be a rollercoaster ride. The challenge is to keep your resource capacity closely matching the skills demanded by your projects. Striking the right balance is difficult. Whilst there must be sufficient skills available to ensure that each project commitment will be met,

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Implementing a global resource management system

Whilst implementing a resource management system for a team or small department is quite straightforward, the complexities and challenges rise exponentially when implementing a global resource management system. This post looks as these challenges and draws on Innate’s 25 years of experience to explain how they can be met.

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