Why the integrity of your resource management data is so important

Resource management tools justify their investment by helping organisations to optimise the utilisation of their project-based staff. This is no simple matter. A balance needs to be struck between having sufficient skills available so that each project commitment will be met,

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Resource allocation methods in project management

Resource allocation methods in project management are used to identify staff that are suitable for working on individual project tasks. It is part of the resource management process for managing the workload across multiple project and services, which starts with project demand management before allocating individual resources.

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Rolling out resource management software to your global operations

Innate is part way through a major roll out project within a large multinational construction, property and infrastructure company. Following the success of Innate’s resource management software within their UK division, it was decided in 2019 to roll it out globally to their operations across 4 continents.

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What are the benefits of resource management software and how can they be realised?


1   What is resource management software?

  • What management information is produced?

2   Why is resource management so important?

  • What are its financial benefits?

3   Who uses resource management software?

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Project resource management in large organisations

Managing multiple projects with limited resources is not for the faint hearted. Trying to keep the skills demand in balance with capacity is a never-ending battle. No sooner do you have it sorted than a project change arrives, demanding additional resources that you don’t have.

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How to do resource allocation in project management

Managing multiple projects with a limited pool of resources can be a bit of a roller coaster. Project based organisations face two conflicting challenges; there must be sufficient and appropriate resource available for each and every project, so that all client milestones will be met,

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Effective utilisation of resources across multiple projects

Managing multiple projects with a limited pool of resources can be a lively ride! Whilst there must be sufficient resource to meet each project’s commitments, having too much ‘just in case’ will quickly reduce utilisation levels and erode operational profitability.

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Resource management reports – Improve visibility and communication

Managing multiple projects with a limited pool of resources can be a wild ride. No sooner is the skills capacity nicely in balance with your project demand than something changes, requiring re-planning of crucial projects. When significant bottlenecks arise, key project commitments can be at risk,

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Talent management – maximise the capabilities of your workforce

As projects incorporate increasingly complex technology, the resource pool’s skill and competency levels need to step up a gear. Where project number are large and they cover multiple sectors and technologies, emerging technical shortcomings may not immediately be visible. But the consequences of falling short can be severe in terms of quality of work,

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Project demand management as proposals are awarded

New external projects generally start as an enquiry. Whilst some will not be worth bothering with, those that appeal will require a work estimate as part of the proposal. Whilst many will fall by the wayside, a percentage will make it onto the client’s short list and eventual award.

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