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Allocating resources across Business as Usual and projects

Most organizations have a mix of projects and business as usual work. But, whenever a major new project seeks to swallow all available resources, managers in charge of BAU work are vulnerable to having their resources stolen.

This arises because BAU work is often simply treated as overhead,

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Using spreadsheets for resource management

The temptation to ‘just use a spreadsheet’ to manage teams of skilled resources in a multi-project environment is very strong. Enterprise project management systems can be too cumbersome when trying to respond to resource bottlenecks in a volatile environment.

But, unless you are managing a small group of staff,

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Avoiding resource bottlenecks whilst hitting team utilisation targets.

In a volatile multi-project environment, effective resource management requires a balance to be struck between having sufficient spare resource to address unexpected fluctuations in demand, without too much time being spent on the bench.

The starting point is having sufficient faith in the forward loading information produced by your resource management software,

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Use resource planning software to improve productivity levels

With employee productivity levels stalling and the UK government releasing high profile productivity improvement plans, what contribution can resource management software make?

Project based organizations face the challenge of constantly optimizing the utilization of their skilled resources where each project has its own timeline, priority and competency requirements.

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Resource management software – How to justify the investment

The main goal of resource management software is to optimize the utilization of skilled resources working across the project or services workload, when each project has its own priority, skills requirements and timescales.

There is a balance to be struck between minimizing the headcount, whilst needing sufficient resource for responding to changes in demand.

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Using scenarios to manage the impact of change on your resource plans

In volatile multi-project environments, the change in resource demand can be constant. New projects arrive, the scope of a project changes, the client delays the start of the next phase; the causes of change are many and varied.

Where the organization is aiming for high levels of resource utilization,

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How accurate are your resource management reports

How accurate are your resource management reports? Is the underlying data sufficiently consistent, current and complete to be credible?

Management relies heavily on the reports produced by resource management software. Committing to key project dates is based on the predicted availability of the required skills, and hiring and retraining programs are driven by the skills mix being forecast.

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