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About Innate

Innate is a well resourced UK based software author specializing in resource management software. We have more than twenty years’ experience of successfully developing, implementing and supporting our software.

Innate is a Microsoft Certified ISV/Software Solutions Partner, making reliable products to industry standards.

Innate’s approach to Resource Management Software

In 1992, the co-founders of Innate brought complementary skills and a shared experience to the new venture. Previously, Barry Muir was responsible for sales and marketing and Mike Watts for development with a major project management system vendor.

Amongst the lessons learned were that complex system implementations too often fail to meet their objectives, and that great care is needed in setting client expectations.

The arrival of Microsoft Project was the opportunity for Innate to develop a more simple approach to managing multiple projects. Twenty years of addressing client issues with incremental steps, rather than by radical system change, has established Innate’s credibility in the market place.

Now established as the logical next step for those who are struggling with spreadsheets and/or Microsoft Project, we keep client expectations realistic and implementation time short, to substantially reduce the risk of objectives not being met.

Our clients are likely to have contact with the following, all of whom rely on our unsung back room staff.

  • Gordon Petitt and Brian Forsdick look after our sales and client account management. They have extensive experience with resource management systems, to ensure that every client’s particular expectations are well understood. They also manage the system implementation projects, with assistance from our technical and management teams. Contact Gordon or Brian by clicking the links – Gordon Petit Brian Forsdick.
  • The support desk stalwarts are led by Paul Smith, who has been with Innate for more than 15 years. They have the experience to rapidly comprehend client’s issues and get them resolved as quickly as possible. To contact Innate Support, click the link – Innate Support.
  • Mike Watts heads the product development team. He gets closely involved when clients have particular requirements, to ensure that our commitments will be delivered.
  • Barry Muir, the Managing Director, takes operational responsibility for sales, marketing and system implementation projects.


Innate Staff

  • barry-muir Barry Muir - Managing Director
  • Mike Watts Mike Watts - Head of Development