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Short term financial control of a medium term plan

We are Wild Card, a Public Relations Agency with offices in London, Truro and Bristol.

Like many services companies and internal departments, such as IT in large organisations, our main costs and assets are our people.  We have to ensure that our people are working on the right things for our clients, our people and ourselves. If we overwork our staff, we lose them. If we do too little for a client, we lose them. And if we do too much for the client compared to our income from them, we lose money as a business.

So what we need, and what we have in the Innate suite, is an integrated system used by everyone for planning how our people resources will be used across clients, projects and tasks. For tracking where they actually spend their time, and performance against plan. And all translated into costs, revenue and profit with cost and revenue rates tables.

Time tracking

Tracking where people spend their time is easily achieved with Timesheets in the Innate suite, giving full visibility on where the effort is going. The Innate Suite gives monetary and percentage values against service levels so we always know how we are tracking.

Resource planning

As in many organisations, planning where your people are going to spend their time often starts on spreadsheets. Innate has now integrated hours planning within its functionality. Managers plan work for their projects and clients monthly in advance straight into Innate, and the visibility shows us where we have team capacity and where resources may be overloaded. We can reallocate time across the team and ensure we are properly resourced. The highly configurable spreadsheet-style interface in Innate is ideal, together with its excellent reporting capability.

Typical monthly planning view (sample data). 

With our confidence in Innate proven over many years, we have devolved the planning for our resources to our management team as the final piece in the jigsaw. This enables us to control our team, our servicing levels and therefore our profitability. The Innate team work very closely with us at each stage of development and strive to give us the functionality we need. They are a great team.

Barry Muir is a Director of Innate Management Systems Ltd. We have been implementing resource management software in a wide variety of professional services organizations for more than 20 years.
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