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Use resource planning software to improve productivity levels

With employee productivity levels stalling and the UK government releasing high profile productivity improvement plans, what contribution can resource management software make?

Project based organizations face the challenge of constantly optimizing the utilization of their skilled resources where each project has its own timeline, priority and competency requirements.

A balance must be struck between having sufficient resource to respond to changing client requirements, whilst minimizing those sitting on the bench waiting for the next assignment. The consequences of getting the balance wrong are equally unpalatable, in terms of missing delivery dates that disappoint clients and staff productivity levels being too low.

A client benchmarking exercise by The Association of Consulting Engineers in a 2011 concluded that: ‘If fee earners could increase their billable time by 10 minutes per day, the average ACE member would generate 2.3% extra revenue. Assuming no increase in costs/overheads are incurred, that could raise profits by 33%’. So the benefits of quite small improvements in productivity can be financially significant.

Deploying resource management software to project and resource managers supports them through the key steps in the demand management and resource allocation process, ensuring that resource management information is based on data that is more current, complete and credible. This gives senior management greater confidence and more certainty when planning resource levels and the mix of skills required for the future.

Barry Muir is a Director of Innate Management Systems Ltd. We have been implementing resource management software in a wide variety of professional services organizations for more than 20 years.
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