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Managing multiple teams across projects and services?

Struggling with spreadsheets and need a quick solution?

Welcome to Innate, the resource management software company.


We are a well established UK based software author. Our products help to continuously optimize the utilization of your skilled resources, where each project has its own priority, timeline and competency requirements.

We are particularly effective in matrix organizations, where resource and project managers are struggling with shared spreadsheets. Innate can be rapidly deployed as the operational tool that enables your demand management and resource allocation processes.

Converting your resource planning spreadsheets into Innate will transform your system; project and resource data becomes consistent, current and complete, multi-user access has workflow control, and web based reports will substantially improve communication.

Dynamic Resource Management - play the video

When changes in skills demand create resource bottlenecks, how can you re-schedule for
minimum delay on committed dates, whilst maximizing the utilization of each team?

All the core resource management functions are provided:

  • Checking the skills capacity to take on new work and rebalancing the workload using 'what if...' scenarios
  • Resource planning with Innate's web based spreadsheet, and MS Project if required
  • Locating suitable staff and managing the resource allocation process
  • Cost and rates management, to provide cost and income projections against project budgets
  • Record how time is spent, for project tracking, metrics and staff utilization
  • Well structured management information
  • Managed data exchange with other systems, such as HR, ERP and Finance

We work with clients in Europe, North America and Asia, across several market sectors:

  • Consulting Engineers.
  • Engineering services within Oil & Gas facilities providers, such as Petrofac.
  • Internal departments, such as IT and R&D, within financial services, government, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and other sectors.
  • Professional services organizations, including market research and IT service providers.

For those that manage IT projects, we not only help to improve the utilization of the resource pool but also to control the costs of individual Agile projects. Working alongside Agile tools that track issues, requirements and priorities, Innate helps to control project costs by planning and tracking the resources committed, through each review cycle.

With 100 active clients, Innate has more than twenty years' experience of implementing effective resource management software. Innate is a Microsoft Certified ISV/Software Solutions Partner and a member of the Oracle Partner Program, making reliable products to industry standards. The software is quick to implement, easy to deploy, has great flexibility and is competitively priced.

Implementing Innate has dramatically improved the accuracy of resource utilization information, giving confidence with future project commitments and hiring programs, for 3,000 engineers.
Steve Major, VP Eastern Operations, Petrofac


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Check the skills capacity to take on new work and get the best fit when matching staff with tasks.

If you are currently using Microsoft Project and spreadsheets for resource management, migrating to Project Server can be too large a step.

With a high percentage of big ticket project software ending up 'just doing timesheets', jumping from spreadsheets to a big system is high risk, expensive and very disruptive.

Measure the financial aspects of project performance. Compare actual resource spend with the value of work done, and the estimate to complete with the project budget.

Our Useful documentation and Videos pages provide downloadable documents and videos with more detailed information about Innate, our products, clients and how we implement our resource management software.

If you are struggling with resource planning spreadsheets then Innate, the resource management software company, provides the logical next step.